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Bullying in Schools Dog. That was one of my nicknames in elementary school. Human dictionary was another. Usually intelligence is something to be celebrated, but when you pair that with being awkward and overweight, it was a recipe for disaster. I was bullied in school by a group of boys for years. They would attack me verbally, mentally and emotionally. If anyone tried to be my friend, or showed any interest in me, they would also become a target. I found myself ostracized by my classmates. Unfortunately, many of them afraid of being bullied themselves, joined in on the ridicule. These were some of the worst years of my life. I became depressed, and developed an eating disorder. …show more content…

The harmful effects of bullying can manifest physically in kids and teens by causing sleep disruptions, gastrointestinal issues, and headaches. Researchers also noticed that bullying can cause changes in the brain. Stress coping mechanisms and cognitive abilities can be affected. Also, children are at a higher risk to contemplate or attempt suicide. (Bullying is a ‘serious health problem,’ report says.” CNN Wire, 10 May 2016.) I know in my own case, I was very depressed and became bulimic. I was obsessed with losing weight, and would make myself physically sick just so I didn’t have to go to school. I eventually ended up in the hospital, dehydrated and very weak. I was then home schooled after this, which ended the bullying, but I never opened up about why I did these things. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I finally told my family about being bullied. I carried a lot of emotional and physical effects of what happened to me as a child for many years. Bullying can have long term consequences reaching well into adulthood, such as anxiety disorders and depression, physical health problems, and low self-esteem. A study by the Mayo clinic suggests that adults who were subjected to bullying as children may have an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. (Bullying in childhood linked to chronic disease risk in adults.” UPI News Current, 10 Mar. 2017.) So to help prevent bullying, what kind of changes can be made, and what

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