Persuasive Essay For Dog Park

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Dog parks are a staple of urban and suburban areas, a place where dog owners can congregate and converse about the local gossip, or goings-on about the neighborhood. Over the past 12 months, a group of people have come together to propose allocating land for a dog park in Weston and tensions are running high.

Surprisingly, the dog park has met with a strong degree of controversy. For the better part of the last year, there have been multiple hearings involving the dog park. The latest meeting occurred just last week and there is still no resolution about how to proceed.

Maria Proto, a long-time Weston resident started the campaign for the dog park. She has a lot to say. When I spoke to her last week, she said, “One of the benefits that a lot of people don’t realize when they don’t go to dog parks regularly is that it is not just socialization for your animals. So that's one of the benefits for your animals get socialized well and well socialized dogs are usually less aggressive towards other dogs but is also a way for people to go out and meet each other … I would love to meet my fellow Westonites who have dogs. I have also been told by some people that it is very hard to meet people in our town because there aren’t many events in Weston to go to.”

While many residents are in support of the formation of the park, there are many people on the other side. Just ask Bill Theriault. He is worried that if Weston puts money to this dog park it will take money away for many

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