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Abortion is a “fundamental right” according too, and guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. There is a choice to be giving by those who intend to have an abortion there are no laws against doing so. Most people will argue that abortion is murder but in this case there is no harm being done to anyone this including the fetus who in most cases will not feel pain or suffering during the procedure. The most harm that will be done is to the one having the abortion, because they have to live with knowing there whole life that they could have had a child, but for good reasons could not have one at the time. A woman should have the right to choose if they are ready to have a child, mistakes are made and horrible things happen to some women and…show more content…
The Government isn’t entitled to tell a woman what and what not to do so they are definitely not going to tell her when to give birth or not, and that is what denying abortion amounts too. If the government is action out of public demand or even out of its own democracy ninety nine people out of a hundred are opposed to abortion but still that one still has the right to her own will to abortion. In the case of Roe Vs. Wade the United States Supreme court which recognized that the right to privacy extends to the point where a woman has the right to make her own personal and medical decision which includes having an abortion. The decision to have an abortion without having to hassle with politicians and others like the publics demands. This violates any woman’s rights it is unconstitutional because it violates our ninth and fourteenth amendment the enumeration in the constitution which is, that some rights shall not be taken, to deny or criticize others retained by the people. Women should not be forced to have a baby after a traumatic even such as rape. The baby would only remind that woman of what has happened to her or even give her flashbacks of what happened in that night. There are also in some cases where woman may have medical problem which would limit the life of the baby if he/she were to be born. The only choice for that baby so the fetus doesn’t have a life of suffering is abortion. Of course the fetus

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