Persuasive Essay On Aerophobia

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Aggravating Aerophobia

Huge fires burning up the runway, thousands of people screaming and running for their lives, but most of all the fear that you could have been one of them. Why would you not be afraid of flying, also known as aerophobia, when 583 people died in a single plane crash? On March 27,1977, plenty of us changed our minds about flying in planes and helicopters when the biggest plane crash in history occurred on the Los Rodeos Airport runway. Aerophobia affects umpteem people and could hold you back from life’s many adventures. If you are one of the millions of sufferers of aerophobia, it may be helpful to know the origin, the causes of it, symptoms, and how to overcome it.

Not the entire population knows what causes aerophobia, or even the origin of it, which could be terribly unhelpful if you are trying to overcome it. Actually, aerophobia could be from a countless number of other fears, either all combined together or just a single one. These can include the fears of combined spaces and heights. It can also be connected to any crashes, havoc, and other experiences you have heard of or been involved in. One other cause may be if you have a certain sickness, which would probably just embarrass you. Even if we can agree on what causes it, the origin is not very clear. According to sources, the actual word was first recorded from about 1765-1775. Later in time, near 1911, came the first known use of aerophobia. All in all, the causes of aerophobia vary

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