Persuasive Essay On Air Pollution

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The world has seen a significant amount of change in its weather pattern lately. From the three hurricanes two that hit the United States with so much force and devastation, that produced more than thirty inches of rain at one point, followed by storm surges that wipe out many homes. The tornados and winds in these two hurricanes were so overwhelming for anyone to fathom. To a country that lies in the Atlantic Ocean was hit so hard by a hurricane it was leveled to the ground and probably take a year or longer to get it up and running again. Across Asia the temperatures have been extremely hot for the summer, they have felt the heat, that their drought could be extended into the fall with no relief in sight until fall. The majority of the countries across the world believe that the climate is changing. Most of them want to unite to help slow this process down and try to protect this planet for future generations. Air pollution is the biggest contributor of climate change. We as humans release so much emission into the air that it causes more greenhouse gases. Which makes the pollution worst. What is causing these gases most of the pollution is caused from coal burning and mining. Where every country has become so dependent on these fossil fuels. If the countries could find an alternative for the need to use this resource we would be able to help cut down our greenhouse gases, that is putting our air at so much risk. Just do not blame the coal companies for what they

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