Persuasive Essay On Airport Security After 9/11

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Recall, the last couple of times you have picked up your cell phone. Do you remember what you read when the stream of notifications lit up your screen? You may have forgotten some things, but perhaps a few of the things you do remember were not really something you wanted to read. Let us focus on one category. The news. Whether it be local, national, or worldwide, the news provides us with information about events, gives us topics of discussion, and allows us to stay in the loop of what is happening around the world. Recently though, I lot of what I have read in the news is not what I want to read. Shootings, stabbings, bombings, rapings, protests, and deaths from disease are becoming all too familiar and the list does not stop there. There …show more content…

If there are complications you may have to wait over an hour in line. One reason for this taking so long is the extra security added post 9/11. says that some new airport security measures included "criminal background checks on 750,000 airport employees, the presence of more law enforcement, the screening of all checked baggage with whatever means available, including X-ray machines and hand inspections, the placement of more air marshals on flights, and more passengers will be pre-screened, with more cross-checking with FBI and other watch lists for suspicious passengers,”. If 9/11 never had happened, the wait wouldn’t be nearly as long and you could easily move through security in a quarter of the time. Imagine getting to an airport 30 minutes before your flight and not having to worry about missing it due to security. That was a reality for travelers before …show more content…

We reminisce of what our world would look like had that tragic event not taken place. It would seem like an entire other world to those born after 9/11, myself included, because the way we live post September 11 is all the we know. Those who are old enough to have actually lived through it may be better suited to picture what it would have been like because they have experienced what life was like before that awful day. They remember how it was before the catastrophe and a world without 9/11 would probably not look that entirely different. In conclusion, our world would look completely different had 9/11 not have happened and we would not be as frightened of terrorism as many are now. Chances are, if 9/11 had not have happened, Osama Bin Laden and his allies would have carried out a different attack on the US on the same or a bigger scale. That, however did not happen and today 9/11 is a day that we will always

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