Persuasive Essay On Animal Rights

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Today we live in a world of opposites: animal lovers and activists who strive to make equality for all living things and people who have anthropocentric mindsets which causes them to believe that animals are undeserving of rights. Should not there be rights for all living things? Well, at least this is what I believe, and I did not come to this conclusion on my own. The way I view animal rights is tremendously influenced by my exposure to media, my personal experiences, and the values of my generation.
Media has shaped my worldview because it is one of the main platforms used to spread awareness about animal rights. On the internet, I have learned about the inhumanity of animal testing, industrial farming, and about animals who were …show more content…

Inspired by the values of my family, the morals of my faith, and the love I had for my personal pets, I started volunteering at rescues. Through volunteering, I learned of the complex characteristics and emotions of animals, and was educated about cruelty, responsible pet ownership, irresponsible breeding and learned about the sorrowful pasts of many animals at the rescue. Furthermore, through my experience of moving back and forth from Hawai`i to California, have seen a major difference in farming practices. In Hawai`i cows are grazing on vast and lush fields of grass, while many that I have seen in California have the cows packed together in a small space, permeating with an odor that can be smelled from miles away. Through these instances, I realized that the choices people make dramatically affect the welfare of animals, which puts the responsibility on people to be more conscious of their actions and responsible in their choices.
Finally, my generation has influenced my worldview because today many people advocate for animals through their lifestyle choices. There is a rise in popularity of vegetarian/vegan diets, which is largely due to awareness of the inhumanity and environmental impact that animal farming entails. Overall, the country is embracing eating less meat, many seeing it as an opportunity for a challenge and innovation,

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