Persuasive Essay On Bullying

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When you see someone being bullied, should you be a bystander or an upstander?
Bullies, they affect children's daily lives. A child may not have the self confidence required to stand up for themselves or somebody else. Every day children are bullied and many other children are given the chance to stop it, but they crumble under peer pressure and either ignore it or join in with their peers. Bullying often happens to students in school more than anything else.
I have been a bystander many times and haven't stuck up for what what’s right. 5th grade science class, we were quietly doing our work, then everyone began to rise in volume. A rather large gentlemen decided to crack some rather bad jokes stating “Your Mom is…”. Although this kid was extremely annoying, I do not think he deserved the humiliation he received. His jokes were harmless yet people were begging to make rude jokes and throw them at him. Making fun of his weight and stating he was even a mistake. I sat and watched as he was being bullied before my very eyes not thinking much of it, and thinking at the time he kind of deserved it. But now I think back to what happened, what should I have done, what could I have done to change this one moment.
It would have been hard to do, but as I think back, I realize that the people bullying the other kid would have listened to me if I had spoken up. They were my friends. Though they were being a bit rude to the other kid, they were still my friends, and they would have

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