Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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Contrary to what Oreskes and Conway believe, I personally do not believe that climate change will be the reason for the end of Western civilization. While I do believe it is a major issue that shouldn’t be ignored like it has been in the past. I do believe it is not too late to prevent it from causing the end of the world. We will always have to live with the consequences of our actions, although we must not lose hope for any given reason. I will argue against them and provide examples of ways already put in place towards the prevention of future effects climate change may cause. Oreskes and Conway state that “It is difficult to understand why humans did not respond appropriately in the early Penumbral Period, when preventative measures were still possible.” This to me shows like they have given up, and if you are arguing about the impacts of climate change why would you give up? I would like to address the idea that people will always have it put in their minds that it’s too late, and that this is how the world is going to end. This is thus creating a feeling of doom, hopelessness, and just utter fear that makes people not want to try. To me, this idea is what I think is wrong, because yes, we will not be able to repair everything we have damaged, but we should still have hope and try to better what we can than to do nothing at all. We must still try and create methods to better our environment, and ourselves so we are not blinded by other problems that further rise.

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