Cloning Persuasive Speech

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Foremost, I would like to inform you that the new bill coming up that would allow taxpayer money to fund both therapeutic and reproductive for both animals and humans would benefit many of us. Vote yes on this bill to help support all the people who will eventually need it in their lifetime.Cloning has lots of purposes it helps cure infertility, it can help gay families have kids of their own, It also gives back pets that people have lost before. Cloning is a life changing situation that benefits for the greater. Meanwhile, many people are born or become infertile due to an accident they could have had, these people are constantly being judged by everyone else, but now cloning can help them be a parent. They say things that hurt their …show more content…

This creates a new form of life for two people who are ready to start a family which will eventually be a great benefit to society because now they can have kids of there own but they will be contributing to human population. Equally, some people might consider closing their pets. Pets are one of the things that humans enjoy having around. Some people need them for medical purposes and their are some that just have them for company. People who have pets that need them for medical purposes and then their pet dies igt can be very difficult specially if they don't have family or friends it can turn into a depressing situation. Cloning can help bring their best friend back to life and create another one just like it. For example, people who have speaking problems like stutters it might be difficult for them to talk to people but talking to their pets is real easy and for them to suddenly get their friend taken away can be tough. Even people who just have regular pets are willing or have considered in cloning their pet. In ¨Here, Kitty-Kitty- Kitty- Kitty,¨ Hawthorne stated that studies show that a quarter of the 60 million pet-owning household would consider cloning their furry friends. People are now willing to spend money on their

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