Persuasive Essay On Computer Security

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In an age where technology holds all of people’s personal information, one would think computer security would be nearly impregnable. However, this is not true and data breaches are commonplace in society. Hacking and identify fraud happen every day, and as technology becomes more integrated into everyday life, organizations and corporations need to ameliorate cybersecurity. Computer security should be vastly improved because of the increasing complexity of hacking and data breaches, which has a massive impact on companies and governments as well as the average person.
Credit card theft is common enough that most U.S. citizens will experience it in their lives. According to, in 2014, thirty-eight million users were victims of credit card theft, forty-five percent of them being online (Holmes). This means roughly seventeen million thefts are off the internet. Statistics like these portray that online security needs to be further developed. Once hackers have a credit card they can purchase TV’s, couches, or anything they desire for months at a time before being noticed. Despite the many defense mechanisms put in place, online thieves surpass the obstacles without much effort. Possibly a simple and effective solution is; in order to access an account there are two passwords instead of one, making it harder for thieves to obtain access. Companies that hold personal information should have some of the most superior security around; however, for many years credit fraud
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