Persuasive Essay On Deforestation

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Deforestation Every day we use paper, and every day we sit on or use furniture that is made of wood. Look around you, how many things are not made out of wood? Deforestation is the destruction or removal of forests. In fact, 50,000 trees are being cut down every minute. The issue deforestation links directly with the issues of air pollution, loss of animal habitats and climate change as well as several health problems. Deforestation can be solved if everyone helped, but not everyone has the same perspective. For example, some world leaders like Donald Trump do not believe that climate change is an issue, and a lot of people do not care about deforestation because they are unaware or because they do not care about anything beside themselves. I became interested in this topic after knowing that in countries where deforestation is a bigger issue, people are less healthy. Although Canada does not struggle with deforestation as much compared to China and the US, I do not want the same to happen. One issue that deforestation causes is extinction----the permanent loss of species. Each species is unique and different but most share the same home: the forest. While others say that logging creates jobs and lowers the risk of uncontrollable wildfires, what about all the animals? Where will they go when they no longer have a home? According to experts, 99% of all existing species that have ever existed are now gone. The loss of species may result in environmental repercussion. All living things are connected, if the connection is broken, nature would no longer be balanced. The government need to raise awareness of citizens, a possible solution to this would be hempcrete. Hemprete is a material made of weed, lime and water that can be used as a substitute for wood in houses. This method can save a lot of trees, since 44% of wood goes to construction. Second of all, deforestation has many unexpected effects to the environment and may result in negative consequences such as climate change. Tree protect the soil from erosion, they produce oxygen and store carbon dioxide along with purifying the air and controlling the climate. When forests are cut down, the carbon stored in the trees will be released back into the

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