Persuasive Essay On Dehumanization

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All over the world, people are suffering. Heinous crimes are being imposed upon them. These millions of innocent people are having their basic human rights stolen from them. They are snatched from their homes, families, and communities. The things they lose in the process of these injustices are greater than what most people could ever fathom. Many turn their backs on these innocent lives, they say it is not their battle to fight. However, they should be asked, “What is worth the risk of losing countless human lives?” These people do not realize that by ignoring dehumanization, they are essentially saying it is alright that these people suffer. Instead of doing nothing and pretending these issues don't exist; they should be addressed openly and help should be offered. While the privileged sit back in their homes, others suffer mercilessly at the hands of murderers, traffickers, and more. Unfortunately, the majority of these cases goes unreported as it is hard to collect information from everyone having these injustices done to them. Dehumanization can happen to anyone; the effects it has on the mind and body are detrimental and can …show more content…

Unfortunately, this number does not even include the countless others moved across the states, and even across other territories. Along with advances in technology and the growth of travel, human trafficking is the globe's fastest growing crime. The majority of trafficked people come from impoverished areas, and fifty percent of those are only minors. With exploitation like this growing exponentially, the amount of illegal substances being marketed is less. "The longer you stay, the less hope you have." Says Mauri, a sixteen-year-old victim. (Kerry, CdeBaca) Threatened with her pimp killing her family, Mauri succumbed to the man. She said he took away her identity, her will to live, and her rights as a human

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