Persuasive Essay On Drugs

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Many people view drugs as a danger to civilization, believing that there is no good to come from the use of these evil substances. On the other hand, some people are able to find positives in drug use, saying that they can help with common issues that people face in their daily lives. In recent years, previously outlawed drugs, such as marijuana, have come to the forefront of the news, creating tremendous debate on whether or not it should be a legal drug. Although some states have accepted the drug, much of the country is apprehensive to join the movement as they are worried about all of the risks that come with drug use. In part to all of the advances in technology over the years, scientists have been able to research many of the common drugs used in today’s society to answer the heavily debated question: Are drugs as dangerous as people perceive? Although there is national concern involving the use of illicit drugs, cigarettes, and excessive alcohol consumption, research has shown an increase in popularity over the last several years. In fact, illicit drug use in the United States has increased from 8.3% to 9.4%, representing 24.6 million people, since 2002 (Substance Abuse and Mental 2). This recent increase in illicit drug use is greatly in part to the rise in popularity in marijuana. Many of the other common illicit drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and hallucinogens have actually stabilized in use over the years. Marijuana use, on the other hand, had

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