Persuasive Essay On Energy Drinks

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The intake of energy drinks has raised dangerously over the years, especially between teenagers and young adults. Many student-athletes nowadays take energy drinks to stay awake through college classes and work, but primarily to enhance their athletic skills. Generally, student-athletes consume energy drinks prior to games with the belief of bettering their performance. These energy drinks are advertised with the allegation that they provide an “energy boost” to enhance physical and intellectual performance.The assumption most student-athletes make about consuming energy drinks is that they're effective because of the phrase “energy drink,” it imparts a message that the product has an association with physical activity. Athletes believe that some advantages may derive from consuming energy beverages. However, the substances in energy drinks are unhealthy and it may cause health issues in the long run. Energy drinks should be restricted or banned until further studies certifies that they’re a hundred percent safe, particularly among young adults. Energy drinks didn’t become very popular until the 90s. On the year of 1997, Red Bull was launched and afterward the popularity of energy drinks raised among with other numerous brands. The consumption of energy drinks every year has surpass from “5.8 billion liters” in 2013 in about 160 countries. The predicted total United States retail market profit was about “12.5 billion USD in 2012” and the market raised 56% from 2006 to 2012.

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