Persuasive Essay On Fear

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Taking A Leap of Faith:
Do Not Get Suffocated By Your Fears Indefinitely

Most fears stem from a lack of knowledge about them ~ The fearless community

Introduction - What is...

Before you truly understand fear, you need to know exactly what it entails and how to overcome the intricate web of lies.

Fears could get described as many things, but they all have something in common: preventing you from achieving goals, doing what you want to do, and reaching higher self. By definition, fear is an automated response to a perceived threat that could potentially put you in danger. Although fear produces a flow of negative emotions carried out by your actions, these debilitating feelings all start in your mental. According to philosopher Napoleon Hill “fears are nothing more but states of mind”, so if you were to change your mind then you could literally change your perception of fear and proudly live a free life. Understand that fear only exists in your psyche, which changes like the weather. Sometimes the forecast is gloomy, and other times it is sunny. Have you ever felt the surge of fearless energy overcome you, producing an obsessive compulsion to do things that you would normally not do no matter the consequences? Imagine living in that climate every single day. A real surge of power from within. Ultimately, you are a spiritual being capable of adapting to unique situations that pushes you to change anything at any given moment, including your responses to social

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