Persuasive Essay On Future Dilemmas

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On my adventure interviewing a stranger called Omar Elsayed, I have learned that some people's experiences in life lead to future decisions. Mr. Elsayed was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His parents supported his decisions regarding school every step along the way, whether it was a career towards the Arts or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics(STEM), although his dad is said to be “old fashioned” so he believes that the “arts are not useful” in the future. Omar Elsayed had said that he was not a fan of STEM, therefore I asked him to elaborate on why he thinks this. He said that STEM leads to more jobs along the lines of doctors. Even though it is a good job, he doesn’t like the idea of blood but he has a small love for math. Mr. Elsayed decided to choose more of a job that he feels compatible with which was finances. As kids grow up, they are often asked what they want to be as an adult. In elementary school, Omar Elsayed responded with a science researcher because of his love of science during that time. Soon after in middle school, he changed his answer to a lawyer because of a certain bump in the road. What led to this decision was a personal encounter. As he was growing up, his dad had owned a store. His father had come across a legal issue. Many people wanted him to start selling drugs and of course, he declined. This issue had been stretched out until Mr. Elsayed’s dad got sent to court in which his personal lawyer “sold him out”, as said by Omar

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