Persuasive Essay On Gay Marriage

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Gay Marriage “Why don’t you deviants get some traditional values of your own?!!” says Anderson. Gay marriage is a big controversial issue everywhere people treat gays like they are not even human and that is wrong we are all equal. Gay marriage impacts our society big time because of so many people thinks it is wrong to have a relationship with two men and two women. They think it should be one woman and one man. Gay marriage should be allowed because they just wanna show their love for their partner and not be judged on being themselves. People should be able to be themselves and be able to love and marry who they want. Some people feel like if gays are allowed to marry, then a lot of people will be turning gay. According to McMillan gay marriage is an attack towards religion and people of faith. Homosexuals are trying to use the courts and political power to force people to accept their lifestyle the bible says that only one man and one woman should marry. The people of faith thinks and feels like gay marriage is going against god and what he wants for the world. God said everyone is equal, so if the people that are against the gays are wrong because they are not treating the gays with respect and equality. They also feel like the gays will go to hell if they have anything to do with the same sex as themselves.The way I feel is gay marriage is not a threat towards religion and the people of faith, it is just that gay people wanna have the same rights like everyone

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