Legalizing Gay Marriages

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Marriage is a way that many people express their love to each other, showing how strong a commitment one can have towards another person. In recent years, the idea of what constitutes a married couple has changed. Traditionally, a man and a woman get married and live happily ever after. Over time, we have seen men and women of different colors and get married, as well as people of the same gender. Marriage has changed and has become such a huge topic of conversation and debate. Homosexual marriages have now become legal in all the U.S. I do not support gay marriages because homosexual couples should not have the right to get married, homosexual couples should not adopt without being judged, and also should not have the same financial benefits …show more content…

Many gay couples have never gotten the chance to devote their love to each other because of legal circumstances. A debate that comes up in many conversations is that it goes against what God believes is best for us. As a Christian’s point of view, many would argue that as couples it is to follow God’s way of living. By letting homosexual couples marry, heterosexual couples believe that we could fail our marriage system. As a traditional couple, divorce rates are high in number. If the government lets gay couples marry, then our divorce rate could go up even higher in number. In the article, A Review and Critique of Research on Same-Sex Parenting and Adoption, the author says, “Despite being a lesbian herself, she found it difficult to locate lesbian couples who had been together more than 20 years” (Hosking, pg. 651). The author proves that gay marriages are just as unstable as heterosexual couples. So why legalize something that has as much instability to what we have …show more content…

Whenever a gay couple adopts a child, the couple should think about the child’s stability. Adopting a child while being homosexual can have many effects on the child and how the child view things. A child that grows up in a gay house hold may grow up and think that it is okay to date someone of the same gender. Homosexual couples cannot produce children, so therefore they must adopt if they want children. A homosexual couple who adopts children does not take the children in consideration. In the article, In the Best Interests of the (Silenced) Child, the author says, “to include children’s voices would be to acknowledge children’s agency and individuality and in doing so would undermine the figure of the passive, innocent and powerless child which sustains the ‘best interests’ rhetoric.” The author is basically saying that a child that is for adoption does not have a voice and no one takes in consideration of the child’s feelings. A gay couple that adopts does this for their satisfaction instead of the child. Many heterosexual couples would argue that a child needs a male figure in their life as well as a female

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