Persuasive Essay On Getting A Dog

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When you think of getting a dog, you would think of begging you parents for one. You would tell them anything that would make getting a dog sound good. For example I will be very responsible, I will make sure to feed and take the dog outside to use the bathroom and if the dog messes up in the house I’ll be the one to clean it up. In my case I didn’t exactly have to beg for one, one day I asked my parents in the future can we get a dog and lucky for me they said that they will see, instead of telling me plain no. One really hot and sunny day It finally happen. It was one of the best days of my life and soon one of the saddest days. When I was 5 years old I got one of the best gifts any kid good ask for. I’ve always wanted one and was so glad when I laid eyes on her. Before I go into detail why not just start from the very beginning. One evening, my little brother and I was watching tv with my mama when I heard my mama talking to my dad on the phone saying “what you mean you have a surprise?” When I heard that, I knew that It had to be something really intriguing. Minutes later I could hear the sound of the tires running over rocks and an engine running. It turns out that It was my daddy pulling into the driveway, so I had gotten even more anxious to find out exactly what the surprise was. My mama, brother, and I all waited in the living room, ready to find out exactly what my daddy was surprising us with. He finally walked in but in his hand was a box with holes in the top.

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