Persuasive Essay On Gun Laws

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One major issue that has been plaguing the United States of America for decades is gun violence. There have been over 12,000 deaths since January 1st of 2017. We cannot let any more of the people of the United States die at the hands of guns. Gun laws need to be implemented into the American society because too many lives are taken due to gun violence. The United States needs to put stricter restrictions on obtaining and the use of guns. This would help decrease deaths because of guns by a lot and improve America as a whole. Many people claim that gun laws would be ineffective if they were created because there have been other countries with very strict gun laws that have not changed the severe issue of gun violence. These people believe that regardless of gun control laws, criminals will still obtain firearms and use them for violence. Their main point of support for this claim is using Mexico as an example. They have extremely strict gun laws, in fact, they only have one legal gun store in the entire country. Despite these intense gun control laws they often ignored. In 2013 about ten thousand people were murdered by gunmen. People who say that gun laws are ineffective use Mexico as an example so much that it seems as if though they never looked into the many countries with successful gun laws. In 1996 Australia experienced a mass shooting by a man named Martin Bryant. He killed thirty-five people and injured twenty-three. This was the worst mass shooting Australia

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