Gun Laws In America

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In America, mass shootings are increasing every year. “According to the Brady Campaign, 31 Americans are murdered with guns every day on average.” (Kelly) “On average, every day, 55 people kill themselves using a firearm and 46 people are shot, or killed, with a gun by accident.” (Kelly) “Nine out of ten Americans agree that we should have background checks nationwide.” (Kelly) “Right now, our current background check system only applies to about 60% of gun sales which mean 40% don’t do background checks.” (Kelly) “About 270 million firearms are owned by Americans, which would be about 90 guns for every 100 people (Smart Gun Laws).” Guns are getting in the hands of mentally ill people and children which just isn’t very safe.

“85-90% of Americans
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A few days before the incident, the Father had showed the 6-year-old boy where the gun was being held, but that only adults could use it. After the boy shot his brother, he ran upstairs to tell his grandfather that his brother had been shot in the head. The Father, Santiago, had recently testified against a gang member and bought the gun illegally for “protection.” Santiago is now being charged with felony child endangerment. Lawyers are curious as to why the Father felt the need to tell his son where he kept the gun.…show more content…
Oregon is one of the states that allows carrying concealed weapons on campus. John Parker, a UCC official, said “he doesn’t care what the policy is at UCC, he knows what the law is. He has the right to carry a firearm wherever he goes because of his 2nd amendment right (Brunker).” Parker has a permit to carry his weapon and he said that “he has no doubt that he had the right to carry weapon onto the UCC campus and he was sorry he wasn’t able to use it (Brunker).” Penny Okamoto is the executive director of Ceasefire Oregon and she had something to say about the debate on guns. She believes that the debate on what concealed weapons in missing the bigger picture: “that putting more guns on campus is not an effective way to prevent or limit violence (Brunker).” She said, “we can argue that until we are blue in the face. It’s an intellectual argument, a way for the gun lobby to feel good about themselves. But they are in no way deterring these shootings. It’s a way to obfuscate what we really need to talk about, which is how guns are completely out of control
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