Persuasive Essay On Gun Rights

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Unit 3
The issue of gun rights have been a popular debate in the United States of America. The side opposing the rights to own certain guns have been frantic trying to convince others to join them in the fight. Like most advertisements, the ads concerning the issue of guns rights have to be provocative and eye catching.The Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety in America, society created an advertisement around 2013 to persuade Americans to support the ban of assault weapons in America, however there advertisment fell a tad short. The ad has two elementary age girls sitting on the ground. These two girls are different races. The African American girl holds a copy of “Little Riding Hood” in her hands facing the camera. The white girl is …show more content…

The ad compares the banned book “The Little Riding Hood” to the assault weapon. The creator uses this technique because those two items are clearly not equal and the assault weapon is undoubtedly more dangerous. By comparing the two, the audience is supposed to think of the innocence and the unprovoking nature of the banned children’s book.The creator also uses the rhetorical technique of shock for this ad by setting the two items side by side, resulting in grabbing the audience’s attention. The audience sees the comparison of the gun and the child’s book and is supposed to think of the senselessness of the situation. The author creates this situation of absurdity so the audience will join their side a little by thinking the assault weapon is clearly more dangerous. The image contains the words, “One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one.” The print is in white located on top in the middle of the ad, until “guess which one” which is in red. The author used the red words to represent blood and the seriousness of the situation; however the words are too small and one has to strain a tad to read the text. The words also blend into the black background too easily making it even harder to read. This difficulty to decipher the ad almost defeats the purpose, which isn’t efficient. One might argue the creator was trying to have

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