Persuasive Essay On Guns In School

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As of November 2017, the new policy permitting staff members and teachers of the Kern High School District to carry firearms on school campuses is provoking a great deal of controversy among parents and teachers. Before the SB 707 act was taken into effect [a bill allowing officials exempting people authorized to carry firearms in school ] the operating policy was that the Kern High District was a School Gun Free Zone. This new policy taken in consideration allows anyone with a CCW permit to bring a firearm to school at any time whether it be a teacher or staff member. This issue allowing firearms onto a school campus is considered necessary to keep students safe or in no need at all. Teachers at foothill high also had a say toward the new gun policy being viewed. Hiistory…show more content…
Car also was against this new policy. According to Car he states, “most people do not have anywhere near enough training to handle some situations they will be in if something like that happens.” As for Mr. Salazar, he shared how the policy makes him feel adding, “I wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing one to campus, that’s not why I became a teacher.” Teachers not only had an opinion against this policy, but students felt the need to also have a say because they also attended the school where the gun policy would also affect. Irene xxxx a junior attending foothill, is very passionate against the gun policy and strives to take a stand to be heard. Irene being against the policy expresses, “ I think the KHSD gun policy was rushed to be approved. Lots of people didn’t even know that there was a new gun policy considered at all. There should be a lot more discussion and more opinions to be considered before the district moves any further.” Currently the district allows CCW permit nonemployees on campuses, but still has much more to discuss because of people against this
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