Persuasive Essay On How Fireworks Work

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Ms. Herring
7th Grade ELA

How do fireworks work.
Do you think fireworks are fun to use? Fireworks are attractive when lit off and can also be safe. When you think of fireworks you normally think of aerial fireworks, but there are more than just aerial fireworks. There are Firecrackers, smoke bombs, sparklers, and fountains.
An aerial firework is normally a shell that consists of four parts. Stick (tail): The first thing you notice is a long wooden or plastic stick protruding from the bottom that ensures the firework shoots in a straight line. That's important for two reasons. First, so that fireworks go where you intend to and don't fly in a random direction, causing fires, property damage, or injuries. They typically contain little balls of colored explosives called "stars." Located just below the shell is a small cylinder that contains the lifting charge. It helps display organizers to position firework effects with accuracy and precision. Cylinders are formed into spheres, cubes, or cylinders that are usually 3–4 centimeters (1–1½ inch) in diameter. The shells must be assembled in such a way that each section explodes in sequence to produce a distinct separate effect. The explosives that breaks the sections apart are called break charges. The mortar might be a short, steel pipe with a lifting charge of black powder that explodes in the pipe to launch the shell. Each star contains four chemical ingredients: an oxidizing agent, a fuel, a

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