Persuasive Essay On Immigration

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Immigration is one of the most talked about controversial issues in the United States of America today. While it is not only breaking the internet, immigration is dividing American citizens up based on their beliefs. Illegal immigrants are overpopulating our country, taking advantage of our social services, and committing crimes. So, should American citizens support President Trump’s decision to build a wall between America and Mexico in an attempt to halt illegal movement, or should we revolt against this controversial project? I feel that immigrants are good for America, however there are some regulations that should be placed before they start fleeing over to the United States. Back in November, while the 2016 presidential election was in progress, the talk about republican nominee, Donald Trump’s plan to build a giant barricade dividing the Mexican and U.S. border. However, now that he is America’s 45th president, the topic over the wall is extremely popular, and the pricy project is now developing as we speak. Trump’s recent endeavor is not the brightest, cheapest, or most popular with Mexicans and Americans, let alone the image it is sending to other countries in the world. Authors Todd Miller and Joseph Nevins explain what is beyond the parameters of “Trumps big, beautiful wall” (Miller and Nevins). In fact, this extravagant ordeal has “a price tag of somewhere between $15 and $40 billion USD- or somewhere between 101 and 270 times the National Endowment

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