Persuasive Essay On Immigration

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In Detroit, there are 100-plus Iraqi immigrants, many of whom are Christians, who came to the U.S. seeking asylum from brutal persecution, something like many American’s ancestors. After decades of living in the U.S., Iraqi Chaldean Christians are being rounded up and being sent back to Iraq. During the campaign trail, Trump vowed to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East. In exchange of removing the travel ban the U.S. agreed to return Iraqi nationals. However, Judge Goldsmith of Detroit granted a preliminary injunction request as many immigrants will face physical harm if they returned. Immigration, the foundation of American society for centuries, will be ruined by President Trump’s policies on immigration and deportation by causing economic decline, hurt the job market, and destroy the “American Brand”.
According to economists, the economy is expected to decline with the deportation of illegal immigrants and regulations to refugees. Deporting immigrants comes at a cost to the United States, The Cato institute estimates if the Trump administration deports approximately 750,000-people protected by DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) can cost the federal government $60 billion. When Trump decided to end DACA in September, California, Minnesota, Maryland, and Maine are filing a lawsuit in federal court. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Trump’s move to rescind DACA could be an “economic travesty” for the most populous U.S states that depend on

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