Persuasive Essay On Marijuana

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Using marijuana has never lived up to the harmful things people say. Although it is a gateway drug it does not kill. Players in the NCAA and the NFL should be able to smoke or use marijuana to their advantage. The NFL and NCAA banned it as an illegal substance because of no reason at all. The united states had ruled weed illegal in 1906 and every since then the NFL has went forward to adapt a Annual Drug Test for the players and if drug test is positive the players are suspended. There have been plenty of times star players in the NFL have been suspended for using the illegal substance. Seantrel Henderson of the Buffalo Bills was recently suspended for using Medical Marijuana that was prescribed by doctor to treat his Crohn’s disease. (Jared Dublin) He isn’t the first player to be suspended for it either, that’s just one of many. The football players need Marijuana to ease their nerves and help aid them on the football team. Many players want the THC to help them and others believe in a straight edge league and many do not care what happens but don’t ground the ballers let them fly and participate at the HIGHEST level possible
Athletes under the influence of marijuana are proven to perform at highest peak because they are nerves are relaxed they will be calm and poised, not be worried about if they will pass or fail the test, will not be worried about injuries, or anything of that such. Marijuana isn’t as bad as the media interprets it to be, there are benefits and there are

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