Persuasive Essay On National Anthem

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Everyone has their rights, and reasons as to why they feel they should not stand for America’s national anthem. Whether it be to protest police brutality, or perceived racial injustice, (and I use the word ‘perceived’ as there is a possibility that there are some African-Americans who may not feel the same way). There can be numerous reasons as to why, but that does not mean everyone agrees, and they have their right to not agree. Those who disagree may say that taking a knee is disrespectful, that it dishonors those who have fought wars on America’s behalf. Some soldiers have said that they either do not care, or have said that taking the knee is a sign of a higher respect than standing at attention, but what about the soldiers who really, …show more content…

I’m sure they would be delighted at the fact that there are those who receive national attention and praise would bring attention to racial injustice. Although, I can also imagine that after so many protests, they would grow tired of it, and want them to actually do something, instead of just sitting or kneeling on the sidelines of a football stadium, receiving millions of dollars for every game they play. Everyone has a right to draw attention to what they believe in, that should never be taken away, but if they seriously want things to change, they would get off their knees, rise to the occasion and bust their butt to get that change they so desperately want. Those who want to change things get up and get it done, all one needs to do is look at Rosa Parks, she refused to sit back and do nothing, she decided one day she would sit at the front of the bus and there was not a single thing anybody could do about it. In the end, I believe people should stand for the national anthem, they should stand for their ancestors who bled and died to give them this freedom, even though some might have thought, or known they would not live long enough to receive the slightest taste of it, and that is what people do, they see a problem and they do whatever it takes

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