Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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Children obesity is a condition in which a child is significantly overweight for their age and height. Children obesity in the United States has grown rapidly in the past few years. It has been at its highest, and today, the United States is known to have the most cases of obesity in a child’s life. These cases are largely due to the poor nutrition and poor physical activity in children. Many children are eating meals from fast food restaurant because of the preoccupied schedule of their parents. Many are also staying in their house playing video games all day, while eating junk food. Because of this it’s the number one health concern among parents in the United States, topping drug abuse and smoking. But the main cause behind this problem is the lack of parental guidance which leads to health risk, psychological and school performance effects.
Children obesity can lead children to have many life-threatening conditions that could end their young life. As child eat unhealth, their chances of getting a threatening condition increases. The article “Overweight in Children” by the organization American heart association writes about the cause, effect and prevention of children obesity in the United States. The organization American heart association states that “Among children today, obesity is causing a broad range of health problems that previously weren’t seen until adulthood.” Basically, American heart association is saying that obesity is resulting in kids getting health

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