Persuasive Essay On Organ Sales

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In the United States “There are currently 123, 378 people on the organ transplant wait list and of that number, approximately 21 will die today.” (McAndrews et al., 2016, pg. 182). People all over the world is waiting patiently for an organ donor for their loved ones or for themselves. Organ sales is an on-going process in the United States, as well in other countries. However, in the United States and some countries it is illegal for a person to sell their organs to anyone for money. Organ sales is when someone is selling their organs for money, and it is either to help them with their living situation, such as paying their bills, and putting food on their table. Organ sales have been a big problem in society, because individuals that are living in poverty in poor countries gets taken advantage of because of their living situation. These individuals will sell their organs to help get themselves or their family out of poverty. In the United States, Arab Emirates wanted to sell his kidney in-order-to help his family of two wives and six children living at their grandparent’s home. Another case is in India, “The Tribune, India reported that a 42-year-old Nepalese man named Man Dhoj Tamang sold one of his kidneys to pay off his debts and buy a piece of land.” (Bakdash, 2006, para. 3). Organ sales in the United States are immoral, because they target the individuals living in poverty, causes organ or human trafficking, and creates a black market that is unfair.

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