Persuasive Essay On Overpopulation

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Imagine living in a country where you would have to wear a respirator mask to breathe at all.
This is what you will have to live with if we let our wilderness get trampled out or let our animals go extinct. There are several repercussions resulting from the decimation of a species.
Overpopulating animals that were repressed by the decimated species. The now overpopulated species over eats their food supply, killing it off or very nearly. The natural habitat has now been ruined.
Transition: Now that I’ve given you a brief overview of what I’ll be discussing, let’s move on to discussing how decimation, and consequently, overpopulation affects the ecosystem in more detail.
Body 1: The animals that were previously repressed by now extinct species have now overpopulated.
According to a study done by Montana State University, Wolves have caused elk in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to change their behavior and foraging habits to the extent that herds of elk are having fewer calves as a direct result of their altered diet.
Dr. Paine, the father of the keystone species manually removed each star fish off of a defined swath of rock, and tossed them into the sea, clearing the rock of the sea stars completely day after day.
So in short, when a species dies off completely, it means that what that species ate now has one less predator to keep their population in check.
Transition: So we’ve discussed what happens when there is a overpopulation of a species, now

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