Persuasive Essay On Patient Care

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Imagine going to work every day and loving what you do. Imagine knowing every day that you work you make a difference in someone’s life. That person just might be alive because of you. Would you not feel important? Would you not be proud of yourself? I used to feel like that at work… but not anymore.
Crittenden Health Systems used to be a decent healthcare facility till employee’s hours started getting cut, staffing started dwindling down and important components of the hospital were done away with causing patient’s lives to be in danger.
I have worked for Crittenden Health Systems for three years. Everything used to be about patient care. Due to management changes causing people to lose their jobs, employees no longer act as a family to help patients. Employees started caring more about saving their jobs rather than saving their patients. I have been at work when a patient coded. Had the staff we had that day cared more about saving the patient, rather than pointing out what others did wrong and why they should be wrote up, we could have saved that patient’s life. When you create a work environment that people feel like they have to step on each other to keep their job, they fail to keep their heads in the right place. You start thinking about where else you could work, how you’ll pay bills and how you’ll provide for your family. However, who would want to work somewhere that no longer has job security?
Due to the reasoning above, it is safe to say there is a severe lack of
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