Persuasive Essay On Preparing For A Game

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Preparing for a game is done different by every player. It is a task people take seriously. In a way there is no “right” way to properly prepare for a game. A bare minimum or on a regular basis, staying hydrated, eating well, and keeping top notch sleeping habits will help preparation for a game. To some extreme precautions are taken, to some just a routine will do, to some countless hours of study will do, to some two chocolate chip cookies right before a game will do, to some all of the above will be an easy way to prepare for a game. Preparing for a game can take minutes to days to weeks and is ultimately flexible.
Preparing for a game starts early in the week. Film is the first step. Watching film constantly and getting comfortable with the opponent will give an athlete supreme confidence. Even the professionals do it, no athlete is too popular to not prepare correctly. “He was up at 1:30 a.m. studying the Atlanta Falcons just hours after the Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game” (McKenna 2). Even at such an emotional high of making it to the Super Bowl, Tom Brady still knew he had to start preparing for his next game. He knew it was going to take time like it usually does, putting in the work will bring out the results. “Tom Brady spends 16 hours per day on football in the week leading up to a game” (McKenna 1). Putting in practice hours and film study will enhance performance on the field or on the court later in the week. Athletes

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