Persuasive Essay On Public Education

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It is no secret that the public school system, especially in urban parts of the community, nationwide has struggled with many things such as funding, lack of supplies, lack of jobs for public education, etc. Many students who are a part of this type of environment may lack the type of exposure that other students from private or charter schools may encounter every day. The number one thing that the public school system is missing as far as exposure to students is arts being taught in schools. In order to alleviate the increasingly enormous rate of public schools having low test scores as well as the problem of not being as diverse as better privileged children and adolescents (even teens), is to expand the horizons of these public schools and public school systems by adding more fine art classes and fine art lesson plans to the curriculum as well as show students first-hand about how public art such as graffiti, murals, and other forms can be recreational to them. This tactic may also help with the rise of test scores, and even the overall better status of that particular school and many more public schools nationwide.
Academic standards are held high by all people. These people include the state, the government, and even smaller levels of people such as communities, parents, and all people. Education and its values are what fuel this world. Granted, some communities value education more than others. However, the reason that this is so is that of the lack of money that

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