Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Families

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Tommy Starling is a homosexual male Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. Tommy is happily married to his husband and they raising two children, ages 4 and 11. However, Starling reports his family is “constantly under the microscope” because contemporary society rejects the notion of two fathers raising two children. An anonymous person even said that their kids should be taken from them and that the parents should be hanged because of their sexuality. Their city even featured them in a publication making discriminatory comments towards him and his family (Bruni). Families in the LGBTQ+ community have been forced to endure society’s harsh comments and backlash against their families for years. Starling’s story perfectly exemplifies the of oppression of LGBTQ+ families even with new, progressive laws being implemented into society. Although the government has created laws to protect LGBTQ+ families from discrimination, the social changes have not caught up to the legal changes.
Although the federal law did not support the structural makeups of same-sex families until recently, the government has made many strides to implement anti-discriminatory laws regarding LGBTQ+ families in the United States. These legal strides include laws allowing LGBTQ+ families to receive loans, something so crucial to someone who wants to have a house and build a family, without fear of discrimination.In 2000, during the Rosa v. Parks W. Bank & Trust Co., the bank denied Rosa loans because she was born

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