Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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Over many years there have been many issues at schools. Many controversial subjects have been talked about, however there is one subject that we should focus on as a community. That Subject is on school uniforms. School uniforms have been around for years and years, and are most likely going to be around for more years to come. School uniforms have been implemented into many schools, and in those schools, students and others have their freedom of expression repressed and taken away. Many believe that uniforms stops bullying however there is no evidence supporting that fact, and students still get bullied. However some people believe that Uniforms reduce crime and increases student safety. School uniforms, in general are not a helpful thing for students. School uniforms decrease ways for children to express themselves and their individuality. Uniforms also go against the first amendment of the constitution of the United states, which states/guarantees individuals their freedom of expression. In a supreme court hearing Tinker v. Des Moines it states “It can hardly be argued that either students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of expression at the schoolhouse gate”, meaning students shouldn't have to give up their rights at school. Clothing to students, is a way of self expression and individuality, it gives them a chance to show off how they feel, who they are, etc. Students can also use their self chosen clothes for bigger purposes such as creating awareness for breast cancer by wearing pink or promoting awareness for other diseases. All in all, as long as the school uniform system is being implemented, students as a community will not be able to express themselves to their fullest potential, and will be forced to conform to how society wants them. Schools that enforce uniforms are forcing kids conform instead of being unique in their own way. When students are forced to wear uniforms, it may send a contradictory message, because schools teach about non conformity and yet they are forcing kids to conform and wear the same thing everyone else is? The same thing goes with how they teach other things, some schools are teaching kids ways to think, they are making students think alike now

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