Persuasive Essay On Sexual Education

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All around the world, women are fighting for their civil rights every day. One of the biggest controversies with women’s rights is the topic of abortion, and whether to continue the procedure. A woman or teenager has every right to choose her family’s fate. With a child comes many emotional and financial challenges, and if a woman believes that she cannot overcome these obstacles, then she should be able to terminate her pregnancy safely.

The quality of sexual education in the United States is leading large numbers of teenage pregnancies. In the current code of curriculum for the U.S. only twenty four states require sexual education in schools, and only twenty one of which inform teens about HIV. According to The Odyssey Online, “ 25% of teens receive no information about contraception from teachers or parents”( 15 Reasons To Be Pro-Choice pg 4). Because of this large percentage of teenagers are not being informed about safe sex there is large amount of young girls becoming pregnant. If these young women cannot get an abortion if wanted they are more likely to go down a the road of dropping out of school, poverty, depending on public assistance and be in poor health. The difference in required sex education among United States is causing a large variety of of teen pregnancies within the states. Teens of Mississippi have a rate of every ninety to one thousand becoming pregnant. Compared to Kansas with a ratio every sixty three to one thousand. The reason for such

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