Persuasive Essay On Smoking

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Imagine feeling a pain thrust down your shoulder. Searing with pain you go to see a doctor and you realize that you have been prescribed a medication that will relieve that pain. You inner self explodes with joy and for a couple weeks you feel great that your shoulder no longer hurts. You feel a small urge to take more of it. Slowly over a period of time you start to feel like you need it and you go to the doctor and he tells you that he isn't changing the dose and says that to take it only when you need it. This is an example of how an addiction starts and how it grows into a problem. It isn't only pain killers that can be addicting, but there are other substances in the world that are addictive, such as tobacco, heroine, and crack. This not only is a contributing factor to the health of our citizens, but it also contributes to the costs of healthcare in the United States. This accounts for 10 trillion dollars of our government spending each year. What I want to know is how does smoking and other illicit drugs impact the cost of our health care? My paper begins with research that addresses how expensive it truly is to smoke tobacco and the costs involved for not only the smokers but to ordinary citizens and their family members. The paper will then transition to the effects of smoking and what kinds of diseases and health problems follow from the use of tobacco smoke. After smoking has been thoroughly covered I will address the common gateway drug marijuana. I will point

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