Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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Social media platforms have many benefits if it is used in the correct manner. Social media companies are always trying to endorse the next best product and influence everyone and anyone to use it. Some of these companies have strict policies in place in order to protect their reputation and uphold ethical guidelines as a responsible business. Not all social media platform have these strict ethical guidelines and tend to care only about the profit gains and obtaining a high marketable profile. This negligent act of greed is one of the problems, which social media platforms face. The other factors are the people who use social media platforms, especially adolescents. Adolescents 11–18 year-olds spend over 11 hours per day exposed to electronic media (Shapiro & Margolin, 2014). Adolescents interact with a multitude of different social media platforms. Some have made it very convenient for these young teens to have access to social media platforms. If the adolescents conduct themselves accordingly while they are on social media, then there are not any issues. It is when the adolescents do not use social media as a positive, engaging experience but deflect themselves into engaging in deviant behaviors. These irresponsible actions by adolescents are contributing to atrocities on social media. Maybe these actions could have possibly been prevented if the creators of social media platforms incorporated more restrictions and reporting on their media platforms. These

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