Persuasive Essay On Standardized Testing

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Have you ever felt the pressure of taking a standardized test and being told its going to determine your future? There are many things students do not like about school. One thing students do not like is testing, especially standardized testing. Educators are questioning whether standardized test in high school should be eliminated. First, getting ready for standardized test is big in curriculum especially for the subjects of Math and English. Standardized testing starts being taken by students as early as kindergarten and being told its will determine getting promoted to the next grade. Preparing for these tests take about four or five months away from the school years getting ready for the state test. From one of my sources the book “The Test” the author talked with a sixth grader about the standardized test his reply was “It’s like a life-and-death situation. It decides whether you’ll get to another grade. If not, people will be disappointed with you.” For a kid having a response like he was maybe stressed from the preparation all the months to the test week. Kids at young ages might get start to pick up their parents or teachers anxiety and fake stomachaches because of the pressure of testing. Students having to take test make students hate taking test. During these test, your sitting in a chair for three hours some don’t have breaks. That will have students get stressed and not do well on a test they are taking. Stress that’s being put on kids shoulders also take a
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