Persuasive Essay On Success

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Have you ever been extremely discouraged or upset due to a failure and felt like giving up? Well guess what it’s not the end of time and there will be another day and night. Bouncing back from a failure is all dependent on how the individual like me looks at the situation and how to deal with everything that comes with that territory. Admitting to a rejection or failure and embracing all the emotions and thoughts come in, is one of the first things a person should do in order to climb right back up. Success isn’t entirely dependent on how perfect you are on the way up to the ladder of achievements it’s how you never give up and gain experience from those failures. If you're lucky and able to achieve success, then your next goal is to take advantage of those failures and use them as experience to become even more successful.
Getting hit with two failures back to back within the same two months was not pleasant for my the mind and soul. I had found out that I did not make the prestigious Wind Ensemble in the Broken Arrow High School band program, I made the 2nd highest band, which was a very big deal for me. I had also found out in august that I did not make the tennis team after being on the team for two years. My first reaction was denial and not knowing what to do with my emotions. Later on I had accepted my defeats, but I was so discouraged at this point that I didn’t even care about anything anymore, I didn’t want to practice or find any self-motivation it was all gone.

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