Persuasive Essay On Testing On Animals

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Why is it okay to test on animals? It’s not. Testing on animals is cruel, unethical, and downright awful. Although animal testing can provide more medical advancement and less-human testing, it is most of the time inaccurate and just a plain form of animal cruelty. So, what is the need to continue this awful testing? If you aren’t aware of what animal testing is, it refers to "procedures performed on live animals for the research into basic biology and diseases, assessing the effectiveness of new medical products, and testing the human health and environmental safety of consumer and industry products” (Humane Society International.) A lot of people are pro animal testing and they have validating reasons but the bad outweighs the good in this situation. The first reason I am con Animal testing is, it is cruel and inhumane. Animals are forced to do things they have no control over. They are “force fed, forced inhalation of substances, food and water deprived, physically restrained, inflicted burns and other wounds to study how it heals, and inflicted pain to study its effects.” ( These animals have no say in whether they want to participate or not, they do not have a voice to speak up for themselves so we should be that voice. As a person, I would not want to be held against my will and forced into all these awful testings’ just to find when shampoo gets in my eye, will it burn. The same goes for these animals, they do not want to be tortured and abused just

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