Persuasive Essay On The American Dream

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America has been known as the land of the free since the pilgrims set sail for the new world for religious freedoms and to escape persecution. But it’s not about that that made America so great, it is the fact that anybody with enough hard work and effort can achieve a happy life in this country. In America since we have so many freedoms, there are many chances for anybody to succeed and make money. In the poem “I Hear America Singing”, by Walt Whitman, they talk about all the different jobs and opportunities in America and all the hard working people. The documentary “God Grew Tired of us”, directed by Christopher Dillon Quinn and Tommy Walker shows how Sudan refugees are able to adapt to the American lifestyle and can live the American dream. The play Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry shows how a low wealth black family in a time of discrimination is still capable of having equal right as everyone else. Our President, Donald Trump, is making equal opportunities for American citizens and creating jobs and money, which will create the American dream for more people. That is why anyone can come into America and have the same amount of opportunities as anybody else, and why the American dream does indeed apply to everyone.
While many believe the American dream is slipping away they are forgetting about the Great America Trump is Creating. When a country lowers taxes and stops suppressing the Free-Market it creates many jobs due to no government intrusion, and business

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