Persuasive Essay On The Armenian Genocide

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What would happen if the world shared a single religion, culture and ethnic background? It would not be nearly as diverse and complex which is one of the many things that gives the sense that people set their own standards and values for themselves. That should be a right that no one should be able to take away. The Armenian Genocide was a genocide as defined by the UN Resolution 260 A III, in which Armenians were killed and tortured in whole or in part, by intentionally inflicting life-threatening conditions that would bring about their ethnic destruction in whole or in part, and by forcing them to migrate their children from one group to another.
I. The killing and torturing of Armenians in part or whole defines the UN Resolution 260 A …show more content…

2. “The bodies, some of which had been mutilated, were left for vultures or wild animals to pick apart. Even in death, dignity and respect were denied” (Whitehorn, “Victims”).
3. “The great massacres of 1894–1896, followed by others in 1909–1912, constituted a profound shock to the Armenian community, which was stripped of its land, ancestry, and culture” (“Armenian Genocide”).
C. Many Armenians had to witness family, friends, and loved ones suffer as they were exterminated.
1. This was a testimony of Deli Sarkas, a man who lost his mother, father, and brother to the Armenian Genocide, “I stepped into a totally empty shell. Where once it had been full of life, now there was absolutely nothing. I opened my mouth to call out for my mother and father and my brothers, hoping that by saying their names out loud I could conjure them up from the dead. But 1 was mute..." (Rowe).
2. “Ungor stresses a continuous policy of Turkification beginning with the expulsion of the Greeks, the Armenian Genocide, and massacres of Syriac communities and, in the mid-1920s and 1930s, by the killings, deportations, and mass deaths of hundreds of thousands of Kurds” (Chorbajian).
3. “In 1906 Boghos Nubar, heir to his father's title and family fortune, took the lead, along with a group of wealthy Armenians in Egypt, to found the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) in Cairo, Egypt. Growing out of the concern for the tens of thousands of Armenians made destitute by the massive loss

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