Persuasive Essay On The Future Of The Internet

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Imagine an internet dystopia where the most common pop-ups are “upgrade internet plan to view this site.” A click on the pop-up summons ten different plans, and before long there is a thirty dollar bill for viewing the site. If this was not paid, then the internet access to these sites would be put onto the “slow band”. This world is not too far off, with the only law protecting the neutrality of the internet being the fact that the internet is classified as a utility. Today, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is trying to change this by repealing the ruling from 2014 that made the internet classified as a utility. If these old rules are repealed there will be serious economic repercussions to consumers and other businesses. Consumers can be charged more for slower internet, and businesses could be forced to pay a ransom to ensure consumers have access to their websites.
Many people take for granted the fact that they can go anywhere on the internet. The idea that every website has equal access to consumers is called internet neutrality. The internet has been this way for as long as it has been open to the public because the government has protected it. The internet was classified under article 706 of the telecommunications act of 1996 until 2014. The goal of this classification was to have net neutrality, but many internet service providers, or ISP’s do not like the concept, believing that an open internet would allow for more investment. In 2014 Verizon realized

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