Persuasive Essay On The Gender Wage Gap

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Growing up, women are told that they are equals with men but when find a job in their respective careers they are compensated for the same work very differently. When you hear about this issue most people think about the United States but this problem impacts women all over. Girls that are born in the middle east, aren’t even allowed to go to school. They are denied the opportunity for even a chance at education. In the modern world I find it ridiculous that we have to fight for something so simple as an unbiased opportunity for hourly wage compensation. The business world is for sure changing at this moment in time with the election of our new president. We must stand up now and make sure that we move forward instead of reverting backwards for women’s equality. In order for not only America but the whole world to open their eyes and see how the gender wage gap is such a prevalent issue in the business world we must look at the past see the injustice of inequality, the inability for women in current day to promote themselves, and how this wage gap is stalling the potential of the global economy. In almost every aspect women’s rights have come as an afterthought. It was not until 1964 that women’s right to an equal wage gap was law in the United States. Men were often thought of as the breadwinner in the family and so not much was done to make sure that women were able to succeed to their full potential. It not until the “Beginning [of] March 2018, companies with 100 or

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