Persuasive Essay On The Walking Dead

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Every year there are more, and more depictions of zombies in movies, and TV shows. All of which are somewhat different from another. “The Walking Dead” is one of the newest, and very popular zombie, end of the world TV shows. It is a very well rounded show, with a taste of all genres for every viewer. I would highly recommend watching this TV series. “The Walking Dead”, produced by Frank Darabont is a thrilling zombie apocalypse TV series. The series came out in 2010 and with the growing zombie popularity in recent years, it was an instant hit. Over the past five years, the show has continued to grow in popularity, and has become one Americas most popular shows. The zombies are your usual flesh-eating creatures that feast on human flesh. Their image is true to the genre as well as the main character, and hero Rick Grimes. Before…show more content…
I believe the show would be a lot better if there was a more clear idea of where the show is going. The show has somewhat been dragging on a bit. The group is running and finds temporary safety, and then something always goes wrong, which leads to them running again. “Conflicts matter more than courtship, and the characters spend most of their time barricaded behind bolted doors and boarded windows” (Stanley). It seems to becoming a bit repetitive, with no end in sight, which may lose some viewers along the way. I feel like if the show had a destination, more viewers would keep with it to see if they make it there. Recently, one of the main characters that most viewers love was in a bad situation. The show ended with him/her surround by zombies. They have not yet said if he/she was dead, but they left hope that the character could still be alive, even with all odds against them. I think it has been a very good twist to the show, as it was dragging on a bit, but now viewers will keep watching to find out what happened to their most loved
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