Persuasive Essay On Why Not To Wear Seatbelts

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I lost a relative in a car crash. Can you imagine how I felt when I found out? He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and was thrown off the road through the windshield. Car companies should start making cars that require everybody in the vehicle buckled up or else the car won’t start. Wearing a seatbelt reduces the chances of injury, also the law requires you to wear a seatbelt.
Wearing seatbelts reduces the chances of injury by 50%. Imagine you running as fast as you can into a wall, you’d expect to be pretty messed up after right? Wear a seatbelt to avoid human collision. Not wearing a seatbelt is the leading cause of car accidents for people under the age of 35. You may be a careful driver, but you can’t control the actions of other drivers. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
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Under Texas seatbelt laws, the penalties for not wearing seatbelts depend on how old you are. For people over the age of 17 is a worth $25-$50. The fines are much higher for people under the age of 17. It can go from $100-$200. There are also court costs. It can vary depending on where you got ticketed. A judge may also require you to complete driving safety classes on wearing seatbelts.
Car companies should start building cars that does not allow the driver to operate if anyone in the vehicle is not wearing a seatbelt. Seatbelts save lives. It reduces your risks of getting a fatal injury. Also, the law requires you to wear seatbelts. You’ll avoid getting ticketed. Instead of paying fines, you can spend your money on things you want to buy. Don’t take the risk, buckle up
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