Persuasive Essay : Should College Students Receive Free Tuition?

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Should college students receive free tuition? I think, yes, the students should get free college. I feel this way because; more students will attend, it will take the stress off the students, and also European countries already have free college tuition. My last reason is there is a high demand for education that is higher than a high school diploma. So free college tuition is at least smart to look into.
Students have to rely on student loans and scholarships a lot. This leaves 71% of Americans in debt from college. The U.S.A. is 1.3 trillion in debt from college tuition. The rate of college tuition is increasing twice as fast as health care. Which i feel is way too fast and unnecessary. But this puts the rate at 15 thousand on average. I feel too many are in debt because from kindergarten to senior year your education is free. Then, after that, long college cuts us off and makes us pay. That is definitely not fair for the students that are trying to attend college.
The first reason is more students will attend college if it is free. Having free tuition will allow low income families and high income families to get the same opportunities to get the education they want. More students attending college the smarter the people of our future become. This making our communities and workforce better. I think that working communities and work force can definitely improve. This will be a win win for everyone.
The second reason, free college tuition will take stress off the

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